About The Transit Watch Website

DHSlogoThe Department of Homeland Security has initiated a nationwide campaign called: "See Something, Say Something"™ to raise the awareness of the travelling public to terrorist activities and to encourage the public to tell local law enforcement officials about the activity they may have seen.

katy-pointing-stillShadowedThe Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transporation Authority (Metro) has launched this website for the public that utilizes the Metro system. This website is populated with information from DHS and the local Joint Regional Intelligence Center (JRIC) about what to look for and how to report any information that is possibly terrorist related to the Metro sheriff deputies that patrol the Metro system.

Besides informaton on what to look for and who to contact, Metro will also provide current updates to news and information about recent terrorist activities or other criminal activities that could affect the transportation public.


Read through the "See Something" and "Say Something" topics and take the Awareness Training Course to test your knowledge about how to stay safe on the Metro buses and trains.